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What is ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech

ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech is a revolutionary system of chrome-spray coating
that provides a mirror-like finish with 100% reflection on surfaces of
any size and shape (metal, plastic, rubber, glass ceramics, wood, leather,
concrete, and others) combined with an outstanding transparent top plating
for very demanding technical applications.

When you apply ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech, the result will be a shiny chrome object of your chosen color.
Its versatility allows you to add bursts of vibrant color wherever you desire.
The chroming process is simple and involves a series of easy steps without the use
of toxic acids used in traditional electroplating.


The process of applying the products may seem easy, but it's crucial to strictly adhere to the specified procedures and follow the recommended operating parameters. To ensure proper application, scan the QR code on the product label for access to the Application Data Sheet and instructional videos. Qualified customers have 24/7 online access to training and application information, and support is available by calling Mobile & WhatsApp +971 54 246 2694
The ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech customer support service during launch looks as follows:
  • In pre pre-sales phase the customer will visit ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech Demonstration Labs in Italy and attend a free sampling demonstration session.
  • In the post sales phase the customers technical staff will be hosted at ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech Demo Labs and will attend a 3 day Special Starter Course.
  • The customer will receive a direct training on the job on how to use the products, learn which applications are possible and , how to avoid misuse of products
  • Attenders will directly perform starter applications on proprietary samples followed by our technicians that they can repeat at their own convenience once back
Typical equipment used by painters for a standard paint booth setup includes a compressor, spray gun, and a clean room for storing the wet paint works. While not required, it's recommended to have an oven or infrared system to speed up the drying process of the paint.
ExtraChromeMe® (100% reflectivity) requires a special compact Application Machine with its unique (proprietary design) spray gun and is a complete and professional mobile paint work station. TuttoChromeMe (95% reflectivity) is applied with conventional spray guns and does not require and special equipment other than a conventional dry spray booth.
No, they are new solutions for conventional chrome spray painting, allowing to achieve a chrome mirror like effect on any kind of surface and material with unpreceded quality in terms of durability and reflectivitymeMe (95% reflectivity) is applied with conventional spray guns and does not require and special equipment other than a conventional dry spray booth.
Yes ScudoChromaMe is a transparent anti fouling top coating that can be applied on all ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech Chrome paints , and also with a very significant increase of surface hardness. Results demonstrate increase in corrosion protection ( test with MEK MetilEtilCheton solvent ) abrasion and scratch resistance, UV light resistance while maintaining PlataChromaMe reflectivity close to 98%. The product is also successfully proved as a permanent antifouling for boat hulls.
No, ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech is a Italian Nano Material Engineering original manufacturer company that produces and distributes products related to Nano technology & materials all covered by patents and proprietary IP.
Yes indead you can! In fact it will enhance your current business and you will be tapping into new markets opportunities that you would never have thought possible before especially in very technological industrial applications , as well as in exterior and interior design applications in the construction industry.
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