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Chameleon Effect Chrome Paints is one of the interesting compositions with unusual properties. The material is known for its ability to change its color when a certain temperature affects the surface. For example, matte chrome, gold chrome appears. But at the same time, the property of heat resistance is preserved.

The most important advantage is that it is already fully ready for use. It is enough to shake it for one minute and you can spray it on the desired surface.

When using chrome paint, you can be sure that the painted surface will acquire high quality. This effect is created due to the fact that the composition of special paints includes the smallest particles, as well as a unique varnish. It is thanks to this composition that a thin layer is formed when it is applied, which forms a very smooth and shining surface on almost any object. The range of applications of this novelty is increasing every year.
TUTTOCHROMAME RAINBOW TC10 and TUTTOCHROMAME VETRO TC40 generate unique optical illusions that show multiple colors depending on the viewing angle. With a strong mirror effect, Chameleon series is controlled by strict particle size distributions and multilayer metal oxide coatings. By providing high gloss and strong color effects, chameleon surpasses the market. Its main feature is that it changes its color when the temperature affecting it changes, while at the same time being sufficiently heat-resistant.
• Durable chrome
• Impressive color saturation
• Elegant shine
• 100% color rendering
TUTTOCHROMAME RAINBOW TC10 and TUTTOCHROMAME VETRO TC40 change shades during the entire period of operation of the surface layer. In irreversible compositions, structural changes occur when heated. They provide a high-quality chrome plating effect due to their high reflectivity.
Chameleon Effect Chrome Paints have their advantages – they are heat-resistant, withstand chemical influences and humidity.

Features of TuttoChromaMe®

Flexibility of Application ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech offers
unparalleled flexibility, making our coatings
suitable for any surface. Experience a vast array
of colors and highly protective finishes.
Efficiency and Maximum Performance Engineered for optimal efficiency,
ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
coatings ensure maximum performance
in diverse environments.
Lasting Protection and Performance Our unwavering commitment to durability
guarantees that ChromaMe® Air and Surface
Nano Tech coatings provide lasting
protection and top-tier performance,
even in challenging conditions.
Dedication to Continuous Innovation ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
is dedicated to continuous innovation,
consistently addressing evolving industry
needs and challenges.
Exceptional Versatility From aerospace to industrial machinery,
ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
coatings showcase exceptional versatility,
providing flexibility to meet diverse
industry requirements.
Environmental Responsibility ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
upholds stringent environmental standards,
showcasing our dedication to sustainability.



Chameleon paint, also known as color-shifting paint, is a type of automotive finish that changes color when viewed from different angles or under different lighting conditions. This effect is achieved through the use of special pigments that reflect light in different ways depending on the viewing angle. Chameleon paint is often used to create unique and eye-catching custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycles.
Chameleon pigments are typically made from a combination of mica particles coated with metal oxide layers. These metal oxide layers create interference effects, causing the pigments to reflect light differently depending on the angle of view. This results in the color-changing effect as the pigment shifts between different colors or shades.

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