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Spray Chrome for Ceramic provides a high-quality mirror coating for ceramic surfaces. The paint is suitable for decorative and repair work. The main differences are high brightness and brilliance. After the paint, the reflectivity of the surface reaches almost 100%.

Spray Chrome for Ceramic is able to create bright unique accents. This is a unique elegance that perfectly reflects both classic and modern interior designs. Ceramic surfaces and products will become more expressive and voluminous. The spray is suitable for painting not only ceramic, but metal, glass, plastic, wood and other types of surfaces.

TUTTOCHROMAME BLACK TC5 and TUTTOCHROMAME SELENITE TC15 are aerosol enamels that are capable of creating a smooth and resistant coating. The surface will not only shine with new colors, but will also receive protection from fading and other negative influences, including mechanical or chemical. The paint is suitable for exterior and interior work.

• Unique coating. The surface will look like smooth and shiny metal.
• The presence of special particles. It contains nano particles that create a unique visual glossy effect.
• Endurance. The surfaces that are covered with paint are protected from corrosion, mechanical, chemical or climatic influences. Temperature changes or high humidity levels will not spoil the coating.
• The ability to hide defects. The paint hides all types of defects. Ceramic products always have a fresh look.
• Easy to use. The spray is suitable even for hard-to-reach places.
TUTTOCHROMAME BLACK TC5 and TUTTOCHROMAME SELENITE TC15 provide a highly reflective coating that is resistant to any negative influences.


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