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The Chrome paint for plastic series are innovative coatings specially designed for plastic surfaces. It is designed to transform ordinary plastic products, giving them an elegant and shiny mirror image. The main goal of this series is to improve the appearance, durability and resistance of plastic objects.

The advantages of the Chrome paint for plastic series include the ability to create a deep specular reflection on plastic surfaces. It adds luxury and elegance to your products. Also, coatings in this series provide protection from external influences and corrosion, while maintaining brightness and shine for a long time. Using Chrome paint for plastic coatings, you can create and transform plastic objects, making them unique and stylish.

About products

Chrome paint for plastic products include TUTTOCHROMAME VETRO TC40 and TUTTOCHROMAME BLACK TC5, two innovative coatings specially developed for plastic surfaces.

  • TUTTOCHROMAME VETRO TC40 is an advanced coating capable of giving plastic products a spectacular mirror reflection. It allows you to transform ordinary plastic surfaces into shiny and stylish objects. The advantage of this coating lies in its ability to create a deep and bright mirror effect, giving items luxury and elegance. In addition, TUTTOCHROMAME VETRO TC40 provides protection against corrosion and damage, maintaining gloss and color intensity for a long time.

    TUTTOCHROMAME BLACK TC5 is a unique black finish for plastic surfaces. It provides not only a mirror reflection, but also a unique black color that gives objects elegance and style. The benefits of this coating include the ability to create intense blacks with deep specular reflections. TUTTOCHROMAME BLACK TC5 is also resistant to external influences and retains its appearance for a long time.

Both products in the Chrome paint for plastic series offer the opportunity to add unique style and spectacular mirror reflections to plastic surfaces. They provide long-term protection while maintaining color intensity and brilliance, and provide creative options for enhancing the design and aesthetics of plastic objects.

Features of TuttoChromaMe®

Flexibility of Application ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech offers
unparalleled flexibility, making our coatings
suitable for any surface. Experience a vast array
of colors and highly protective finishes.
Efficiency and Maximum Performance Engineered for optimal efficiency,
ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
coatings ensure maximum performance
in diverse environments.
Lasting Protection and Performance Our unwavering commitment to durability
guarantees that ChromaMe® Air and Surface
Nano Tech coatings provide lasting
protection and top-tier performance,
even in challenging conditions.
Dedication to Continuous Innovation ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
is dedicated to continuous innovation,
consistently addressing evolving industry
needs and challenges.
Exceptional Versatility From aerospace to industrial machinery,
ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
coatings showcase exceptional versatility,
providing flexibility to meet diverse
industry requirements.
Environmental Responsibility ChromaMe® Air and Surface Nano Tech
upholds stringent environmental standards,
showcasing our dedication to sustainability.


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