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Special Paints

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Features of Special Paints

Eco-friendly composition Biocide-free formulation, free from TBT and copper compounds.
Efficiency and Maximum Performance Groundbreaking product line is meticulously designed to redefine anti-fouling coatings in the marine industry, offering shipowners and operators a unique blend of performance enhancement and environmental sustainability.
Lasting Protection and Performance Significantly reduces the need for frequent rehauling and dry dock inspections Extended maintenance intervals, minimizing operational disruptions.
Dedication to Continuous Innovation ChromaMe® is dedicated to continuous innovation, consistently addressing evolving industry needs and challenges.
Easy application by spray gun Easy application by spray gun on a finely primerized smooth base surface
Anti-corrosion protection Self-polishing/cleaning for consistent efficacy. High abrasion and chemical resistance, ensuring longevity. Anti-corrosion protection against saltwater and salt spray.


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