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SCUDOMARINE KIT 502MT METAL-TOP Metal anti-corrosion

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Formulated for metal surfaces, this product is ideal for preventing fouling on metal parts of the vessel, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of critical components.

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Extensive testing indicates that the product is effective both on boats and on offshore above-water installations as well as heat-intensive soiling desert applications.

The top-coat preserves the original shine of surfaces and reduces the need for maintenance or polishing
and it’s nano structure prevents soiling and buildup of dust and dirt particles. The highly uniform surface
features of coated mirrors show no measurable loss in specular reflectance.

Product Information

  • Transparent : Maintains the original appearance of the metal
  • Rust Inhibitors: Chemically active for ultimate rust protection.
  • UV- Stabilizers: Ensures long lifetime of the coating
  • Excellent Adhesion: The product has an ultra solid bond directly to all metal surfaces
  • Chemical Resistance : Resistant to oil, grease, petrol, saltspray and also to the most solvents such as
    methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C – 150 °C
  • Omni-phobic; hydrophobic
  • Anti abration: Resists denting and scratching even in very high-wear areas
  • Anti stain: Does not get stained by finger prints in handle and hand rail applications

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CODE SCUDOMARINE KIT 502MT METAL-TOP Metal anti-corrosion Unit Qty Mix Ratio COVER sqm/l
SCU.TOP.502MT8 SCUDOMARINE 502MT - Metal-Top 2k product 1 kg 5-7
SCU.CAT. 8SCAF SCUDOCATALYST 8SC -Antifouling 0,3 kg 30%


Top coat that can be applied directly to all surfaces cleaned ,sanded (grit 600) and pickled with SCUDOPICKLING 100AB . The flatter and the smother the surface the better. There after catalyse with SCUDOCATALYST 8SC -30% in weight already supplied in the correct does and mix well before applying.


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