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The ScudoChromaMe™ Series is an amazing line of coatings designed to protect and transform surfaces. It is designed to process a variety of objects, including ships. Benefits include outstanding antifouling and corrosion protection. Delivering a high standard of 100% specular reflection, the ScudoChromaMe™ Series gives surfaces a stunning appearance.

This coating is ideal for surfaces of various shapes and sizes, be it metal, plastic, glass or other materials. ScudoChromaMe™ Series products feature a unique combination of a high quality mirror finish and a durable clear coat. They are able to withstand technically demanding conditions, making them the ideal choice for the most demanding applications.

About products

The ScudoChromaMe™ Series products include SCUDOANTIFOULING 502MT-MetalTop and SCUDOANTIFOULING 602FAF-FlexTop, which offer outstanding benefits and protection for a variety of surfaces.

  • SCUDOANTIFOULING 502MT-MetalTop is an advanced coating for metal surfaces. It provides effective anti-fouling and corrosion protection for metal objects, including ships and other offshore structures. The benefits of this coating include high resistance to aggressive marine environments, which ensures the durability of the coating and maintains optimal performance of objects in the water. SCUDOANTIFOULING 502MT also has a high adhesion to metal surfaces, which provides a reliable and long-term connection.

    SCUDOANTIFOULING 602FAF-FlexTop is a unique, flexible structure coating designed for surfaces subject to deformation. It provides protection against fouling and corrosion, and also retains its characteristics even under mechanical stress. The advantage of SCUDOANTIFOULING 602FAF lies in its adaptability to various surfaces and operating conditions. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including underwater parts of ships, and provides long-term protection without losing effectiveness.

Both ScudoChromaMe™ Series products provide reliable protection and maintain the appearance of objects in challenging environments. Their high antifouling and corrosion resistance make them indispensable tools to maintain the durability and performance of the surfaces they are applied to.


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